Queenstown Wine and Beer Tour – Early Bird (Full Day)

Queenstown Wine and Beer Tour – Early Bird (Full Day)
dan itibaren NZD 79,50 NZ$
  • Süre: 6 Saat (Tahmini)
  • Lokasyon: Queenstown, Central Otago
  • Ürün kodu: REVRUN

Our biggest advantage is that we never rush you. Take your time and enjoy your stops, just follow our simple bus timetable. This is a self guided tour. You pay for your own tastings.

Our Tour Stops include:

  1. One Mile Car Park
  2. Queenstown (The Station Information & Booking Centre)
  3. Amisfield Bistro & Cellar Door (No more than 8 people at one time) +64 3 442 0556
  4. Akarua Wines & Kitchen by Artisan +64 3 442 3122
  5. Arrowtown - Historical Gold Mining Town
  6. AJ Hackett Bungy +64 3 450 1300
  7. Cargo Brewery & Bald Hills Cellar Door +64 3 441 3315
  8. Brennan Wines +64 3 442 4315
  9. Mt Rosa Wines +64 3 441 2493
  10. Kinross Cellar Door & Bistro 0800 131 101
  11. Gibbston Tavern +64 3 409 0508
  12. Gibbston Valley Winery +64 3 442 6910
  13. Arrowtown - Historical Gold Mining Town
  14. The Winery (Arrowtown) +64 3 428 2572
  15. Cargo at Gantleys +64 3 428 2569
  16. Strike Bowl +64 3 409 2135
  17. Searchlight
  18. The Winery (Queenstown) +64 3 409 2226

We can pick you up from many stops in Queenstown starting at the Frankton Bus Interchange, One Mile Car Park and along Lake Esplanade with our main bus stop being The Station Information Centre. Just choose your pickup location when you are making your booking.

You can also book by calling 0800 693 722 73 or for international numbers +64 3 573 5508.

The Lowdown!

1. If you are booking for a group of more than 8 people, please let us know. More than 8 people can not travel together on our tours without prior arrangement.

There can be several 1’s, 2s or 4’s or even 6’s if you get the picture. This is to help ensure the best possible experience at the cellar doors. It also helps ensure the enjoyment of other travellers at each stop.

Any groups found to have deliberately booked separately and got together on the buses with over 8 people will be returned to their original location at a cost of $200.00 so please don’t do it. Talk to us first; their are options.

2. We follow strict duty of care protocols that may result in a person’s tour being stopped and removal of the offending passenger in the event of intoxication or disrespectful behaviour. If you are asked to leave any premise you will be returned to Queenstown at your own cost of $200.00.

3. Our bus is not licensed to drink alcohol onboard. Please don’t!

4. In the event a passenger soils the bus, they will be charged $200 as a cleaning fee. This is not negotiable.

5. You need to include food and water in your planning.

6. Please be at your stop 5 minutes before departure time.

7. We are not responsible for any delays due to traffic, or if you are late.

8. We recommend no more than 3-4 couples get off at one winery. Small numbers result in a more enjoyable experience. If it is busy, just go back on the next run.

Some venues cap the number of people we let off the bus to 6 or 8.

9. Reverse Tour passengers have a designated bus and must only travel on that bus to ensure other travelers aren't losing a seat on their bus.

10. Some wineries have a tasting charge, some waive it when you make a purchase. We are also able to store your wine purchases all day for you.

Please also read our Terms and Conditions